Visit us at the......
  ......2003 FIFe show.........!!!!
cat hotel, Persian cat breeders,  Larnaca, Cyprus
Hot Chilli Pepper
showing off at the judges
Hot Lips
competes with Hot Chilli Pepper.
Hot Lips gets First Prize and Hot Chilli Pepper gets Second Prize!!
Hot Lips and proud owner, Christina, receiving First Prize.
Kozy Creamora
feeling a little shy towards the judges.
Kozy Creamora
dicides to play with the judges.
Kozy Creamora
and Nicola, Christina's daughter and stewardess at the 2003 FIFe Show.
Here they are again, both looking beautiful!!
Kozy Creamora
competes with Toy Boy and receives Second Prize.
Christina's children, Nicola, Marios and Michelle, proudly posing with
Kozy Creamora
....And here is Toy Boy.....
The judge looks astonished.
Do I get the impression that Toy Boy dislikes the judges??
Well, they seem to like him!!
"......No Sorry, he's not for sale!!"
serving cat owners and lovers all over Cyprus (Nicosia - Lefkosia, Larnaca - Larnaka, Limassol - Lemesos, Paphos - Pafos, Paralimni - Ayia Napa - Famagusta - Ammochostos)
Toy Boy
competes with another class winner
"Sorry mate, I look better, best cat wins!!"
Toy Boy
competes with other class winners.
He even competed with Kozy Creamora.
"Phew!! That was a hard one!!"
"Sorry Creamora. Your a beauty, but I'm afraid, one has to go!!"
......And for the finals......
....Yessss!!!! Toy Boy insists on keeping his claws on the First Prize Trophy!!
Toy Boy
Best in show, 2003 FIFe Show.
With very proud Nicola..........well done!!
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